Happy Thanksgiving.

Researchers wanted to see if daily feelings of gratitude could be a buffer against the negative consequences of CVID-19.

📖This study asked participants to complete an online daily questionnaire which included questions about their daily subjective health, their feelings, and daily stress related to CVID-19.

🌟The findings showed…

Just some truths.

⛑Truths will always win over sensationalism. Just give it time.
And I’ll always be consistently sharing my advocacy for meat.

PMID: 28076316
PMID: 8498602
PMID: 20739380
PMID: 23902316
Diabetes Council:

📬If you haven’t signed up for my weekly newsletter, I broke some of…

🥦We think that we need fibrous plant foods to fuel our large intestine with short-chain fatty acids (SCFA).

🧬These SCFAs are broken down by the colon to offer gut-supporting SCFAs such as butyrate (butyric acid), propionate (propionic acid) and acetate (acetic acid).

☝🏼Butyrate is essential because it is the preferred…

I was able to sit down and do some lengthy research into Tuft’s Food Compass Guide.

🚩I wasn’t thrilled with what I found and decided to write an article that sums up my thoughts.

🧠If you heard about this food compass guide, I highly recommend reading my article, here.


The recently released Carnivore survey study is one step in the right direction.

If you consider the bloodwork data, you can’t change these truths:

🩸2000+ participants showed bloodwork of health improvements.

🌟2000+ participants stated they feel better on carnivore.

🔻Most of the participants weren’t eating plant-based foods.

What way of…


🤩So excited to share this survey study that shares data (including bloodwork) of 2000+ individuals that were carnivore for AT LEAST 6 months.

📖There were actually 3,883 total participants but 1,418 were excluded for various reasons.

🔻Self-reported (many studies use questionnaires)
🔻Asked in a pro-carnivore space…

A small percentage of the population needs calcium supplementation but for the most, look deeper.

⚖️There are many reasons for bone health imbalances.
More times than not, it’s not a calcium deficiency.

⚠️In fact, food companies fortify a lot of foods with calcium.

🐟You might be low in vitamin D…

Nutrition with Judy

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