Baby Formula: Is It Healthy and Safe?

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7 min readNov 3, 2022

We have all seen the headlines about baby formula shortage. Many families are feeling desperate being unable to feed their precious babies, especially if their children have specific allergies to some ingredients in the formulas and they need a specific brand.

The reason for the shortage is that Abbott Laboratories, a major supplier of many popular baby formulas in the US, had to stop production due to a recall for bacterial contamination in the formula which caused the death of two infants. This ceasing of production along with the supply chain issues we have been hearing about for months turned into widespread baby formula shortages across the country.

You can imagine how painful this is for some families and we have all heard the stories of parents driving hundreds of miles to find the right formula that their baby needs.

But we really need to pause and think if this is the best nutrition for growing tiny humans. I will argue that it is not, and there are alternatives that are not breast milk, because not every mother can breastfeed.

Baby formula is not and has never been regulated by the FDA. There is no oversight on what should be included in baby formula. It has a history of being one great guess about what kind of nutrition a growing human needs.

According to Dr. Ruth Lawrence in her book, Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession, she states that baby formula is “one of the largest human experiments in history.” Baby formulas have changed through the years, adding some ingredients and excluding others, but at no time has there been any scientific experimentation to collect data on the formula’s efficacy. They are basically being tested in real-time and on real babies without any clue as to how this might impact their health in the short and long term.

Baby formula started gaining popularity in the late 1800s. Before this time, breastfeeding was considered the way to feed a growing infant and babies who could not breastfeed were pitied. By 1883, twenty-seven baby formulas had been brought to market. Over time, providing a baby formula rather than…



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